A Piano Tale will be released on Steam (Mac Windows Linux), Apple Store and Play store.


We have launched a kickstarter !

An idea of the game is to present the difficulties of Alzheimer’s in a compassionate manner that users of all ages will be able to understand. There is no violence, neither physical nor verbal in A Piano Tale. Likewise, there is no sexual content.

The story takes place in the 1980’s between Vienna, Austria and St Petersburg, Russia (USSR actually). The central character is an elderly lady that discovers her father, Boris, a fictional Russian music composer, wrote a secret piano concerto during the Stalinist reign. Secret, as this was a period when artists weren’t free to compose their music of choice, given the threat of the regime. She is choked, because her father was very strict during her childhood, forcing her to train extensively on the piano. She discovers the concerto was dedicated to her, including her own compositional work. Finding the entirety of the concerto is her challenge, complicated by her battle against Alzheimer’s which leads to flashbacks to the 20’s and 30’s. The finale will decide if she pardons her father and finds all the parts of the piano concerto. 3 endings are possible.

We are a passionate french team!